Katy Mugford

I studied Art History when I was a young thing, and have always been fascinated by print. From the first printing press enabling the everyday person access to ideas and images previously the preserve of the privileged few, print is affordable, flexible and a beautiful medium.
Mine is not fancy printing. The process means that images are distilled and simplified which is a discipline that I enjoy in my work.

The designs are drawn, scanned and then printed onto acetate, one sheet per colour. I then cut out each acetate by hand and attach it to a screen, line it up, and then print each layer of colour in turn.

Because I hand cut the design and align it by eye each print is different. I like these small variations, making each print unique.

My print runs are short, due to space, aching wrists from using the squeegee to push the ink through the screen, and curiosity about how the end image will look.